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Behind the Lens

For as long as I can remember two of the most important things in my life have always been family and children. Since my teenage years I have always advocated for children’s rights and being raised in a family with a lineage of matriarchs, it was instilled in me at an early age, family is of the upmost importance.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures and I realized my passion for the art when I took a photography class in college. Looking at family pictures, it is as if I wasn’t there, because I was the one always taking the pictures. I love the joy that it brings to people when they view pictures that have captured their most precious memories and keep them forever.

Through my photography I intend to share the beauty of the places I go, the character of the people I encounter, and ultimately help my clients achieve their vision. My on-going mission is to explore the limits of the camera, to constantly strive for new solutions and ultimately to create images that inspire, provoke thought, evoke emotion, and rekindle the natural spirit and attributes of family life.

I look forward to capturing all of your special moments!


Chief Photographer